About Us

ASAP has provided the San Francisco Bay Area with the highest levels of professionalism and excellence of service over the years.

Avlon Security & Patrol (ASAP) is focused on forming a first class partnerships with our clients while providing security services at the industry’s highest standards. ASAP is your reliable security service.

The Foundation of Avlon Security and patrol has been to provide quality security with the utmost customer service. Our company is cultured around the ever changing climate of today’s business world. We thrive on a first-class working relationship with our clients while we aim to provide them with service beyond their expectations.

ASAP is a licensed company founded on the principles of professionalism and excellence of service! We are a total solution provider and are ready to provide you with a completely unique and customize security plan to suite your very specific needs.

ASAP state licensed staff understands the critical role of security guards. We are highly motivated and committed to fulfill the roles of security personnel with success. Our personnel undergo thorough training and are tested for performance to cater to the different security needs of our clients. No matter the nature of what your requirement is, all techniques and procedures are carried out accurately and in the event of a threat towards the compromise of information, safety of personnel, tenants, vandalism, theft or robbery on the properties and/or persons we secure.

ASAP promotes integrity within our management and staff. This in turn encourages our license’s staff to remain diligent in reporting unauthorized events and also be open in sharing recommendations on how to get the most out of our services.

ASAP is your reliable security service.

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